Michael Fürst

born 1981, Vienna, Austria


1999-2009 Studies of Architecture on Technical University Vienna, ETS Architecture and School of Fine Arts

Seville, Spain

2006 three months of research in the suburban ger-district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,

2009 graduating from TU Vienna, obtaining the ‘Diplom-Ingenieur‘ aquivalent to ’Master of Architecture’

2010 free resarch grant TU Vienna: ‘informal settlements’ in Jakkarta and Ulaanbaatar.


2004 Design and construction of a loadbearing strawbale bungalow for touristic use in Cadìz, Spain

2007 Founding of the association ‘in the name of architecture’

2008: organisation of a one week event: architects - Gemeinde Wien city planners - students of the three

viennese architectural universities was given space to confront each other in discussions a.o. about the

future of architectural education. www.itnoa.org

2008 Plan for appliance for the first multi-storey strawbalehouse in Vienna. (execution in progress)

2005-2009 work on various open competitions

2010 Artist in Residence in Pori, Finland. Participation at ‘The Bare House Project, Rotterdam - Pori - Ulaan

baatar’ (www.poriartmuseum.fi)


2007 Summer lecturer at the Mongolian University for Science and Technology

2008 Teaching students in a self organized design class with the goal to develop , energysufficient dwellings for

the austrian ecovillage. (www.oekodorf.or.at)

2009 Assistence at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna. Institute of Structural


2010 Lecture at Pori art School , Finland